Short Introduction to This Paper

This paper describes the motivation, innovation, design, running example and future development of a Fault Inject Tool (FIT). This tool enables controlled causing of cloud platform issues such as resource stress and service or VM outages, the purpose being to observe the subsequent effect on deployed applications.

Highlights of This Paper

  • The DICE FIT will address the need to generate various cloud agnostic faults at the VM Admin and Cloud Admin levels. So greater flexibility and the ability to generate multiple faults, relatively lightweight

Key Infomation

  • Design: To access the VM level and issue commands the DICE FIT uses SSH to connect to the Virtual Machines and issue the commands. By using JSCH, the tool is able to connect to any VM that has SSH enabled and issue commands as a pre-defined user. This allows greater flexibility of commands as well as the installation of tools and dependences.

Relevant Future Works

  • Containerised environments will also be considered as future FIT targets to help understand the effect on microservices when injecting faults to the underlying host as well as the integrity of the containerised deployment
  • The CACTOS project will expand the tool functionality by initiating a specific application level fault to trigger optimisation algorithms


DICE Fault Injection Tool(Paper)
DICE-Fault-Injection-Tool(Github Project)

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