Short Introduction to This Paper

This paper proposes a taxonomy for describing the problem space for self-healing systems including fault models, system responses, system completeness, and design context. It is hoped that this taxonomy will help researchers understand what aspects of the system dependability problem they are (and aren't) addressing with specific research projects.

Highlights of This Paper

Problem space model elements

  • Fault model:

    • Fault duration
    • Fault manifestation
    • Fault source
    • Granularity
    • Fault profile expectations
  • System response:

    • Fault Detection
    • Degradation
    • Fault response
    • Fault recovery
    • Time constants
    • Assurance
  • System completeness:

    • Architectural completeness
    • Designer knowledge
    • System self-knowledge
    • System evolution
  • Design context:

    • Abstraction level
    • Component homogeneity
    • Behavioral predetermination
    • User involvement in healing
    • System linearity
    • System scope


Elements of the Self-Healing System Problem Space

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